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Why We Focus On Prep & Towel Drying Your Car

When you visit and run your car through our wash, you might think to yourself... wow, they do a lot of prep work to your car before you enter the tunnel. I wonder what is up with that?

Well, Car Wash King guarantees that every vehicle that enters our wash will come out looking spotless. Prepping your vehicle is very important in this process. You see, bugs, especially in the summertime are a major problem for cars. Most car washes aren't able to get all of the off bugs on your car. This is where we come in. Our team takes a sponge and scrubs the front of your car until the bugs are no more.

Prepping Your Car

What are you planning to do with your vehicle once you’re done with it? If you want to sell it or trade it, it’s important to think ahead. Keeping your car clean by regular car washes is an investment for the future. No matter how new your car is, it’s never early to start with preparing for potential sales.

Cars are not eternal. They break down eventually, but this depends on how the owner treats them. Therefore, you should wash your car on a regular basis. Engine washes are also beneficial for the car’s power and how it handles challenging rides.

When Car Wash King was first designed, we wanted to do something that no other car wash around us does! We wanted something that makes us unique and different from our competition. Clean cars is what we strive for. So, our owner thought, well why don't we spray and brush down the car before it enters the tunnel so we know for a fact that no dirt is missed!

While our wash will easily get these areas clean without prepping, our prepper helps ensure those tricky areas are as clean as the rest of your vehicle once your washing experience is completed. These areas on your vehicle are easily accessible from the driver side of your vehicle. For efficiency and effectiveness, that is why our two Preppers stand on the each side while they prep your vehicle.

Towel Drying

The act of drying your car after a wash seems like a very unimportant task to everyone else. However, it is so much more important than you think. We're here to tell you just how important it is.

You see, washing and drying your car on a regular basis is the one car maintenance activity that offers the most benefit to the aesthetics of your vehicle. If you want to maintain your car’s resale value and keep the paintwork looking as good as new, you’ll pay attention to how you dry it.

Water that is usually used for washing contains natural minerals, and those don’t simply evaporate when you let your vehicle air dry. Sure, your car will eventually be dry, after all the water evaporates, but those minerals will leave a trace.

You will see spots, deposits, and streaks that will make your car look even worse than it did before you washed it. If your car’s paintwork is dark, this will be even more noticeable.

Even worse, in some areas, these mineral deposits in water can also harm your car’s paintwork, because some of those deposits can degrade the paint over time.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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