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Travel Tips You'll Need This Holiday Season

Car maintenance before traveling is a must! People don't realize how important it actually to make sure your car is in tip top shape for your road trip!

First of, I'm going to start by talking about the most important things you'll need to check before your road trip begins.

Test your car battery. Do yourself a favour and get the battery tested before you hit the open road this summer. Know exactly how much juice you have left in the battery before you leave home. It’s not that a car battery is overly expensive to replace should it die on you. It’s that you don’t want to have your car shut down on the side of a highway or when you are miles from the nearest service station.

Pack yourself and your guests an emergency pack. Now this might sound weird but I never travel without an emergency bag in my car at all times. Should you run out of gas and get stranded, your car breaks down, or you just need it along the way; this is the perfect thing to make sure that you always have in your car. Bring snacks, drinks, jumper cables, blankets, first aid kit, paper towels, etc for any emergency that you may run into along the road.

Change your oil. Changing and checking your oil before a long trip, yes might sound like a small thing but in the long run is very important. Yet when the oil in our vehicle gets old and dirty, our car does not function properly. And, if the oil burns off and the level gets too low, the car will not run at all. You may think to simply add oil to your car before a road trip – dumping a liter in at the gas station as you fill up your tank.

Get a car wash. Yes, we are a car wash that hates seeing dirty cars! However, that dirt on your cars can create drag and will actually cost you more fuel in the long run. When you have a clean car, your car is more aerodynamic and able to cut through the wind better. Having a dirty car actually slows you down.

Clean Inside and Out. Nothing’s worse than taking a road trip in a grimy, smelly car, so cleaning the interior should be a priority before you set off. Pay close attention to anything you frequently come into contact with: seats, floor mats, storage areas and dashboard controls. The last thing you want to do is to dump a full Big Gulp in your lap because it stuck to the grime in the bottom of the cupholder. Make sure the trunk is clean so it won’t damage your luggage or any souvenirs you pick up along the way. Don’t forget to also give the exterior a good wash before you leave. Bugs and bird poop are notorious for eating paint, and you’ll be encountering a lot of those on the open road.

Drive Safely and Have A Merry Christmas From The Car Wash King Team

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