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Three Tips that will Protect Your Paint Against Bugs

With summer comes bugs, and that could be bad news for your car’s paint and clear coat unless you take the proper steps to protect it. Bug splotches can ruin the clean and shiny look of your car, but we have three recommendations that will keep your paint safe and clean this summer.

1. Wax. In addition to protecting against moisture, UV rays, heat, and pollutants, wax provides a protective layer between your paint and insects. Bug splatter is acidic and without a protective layer of wax, it can leave permanent splotches on your car. We offer wax services ranging from an express wax to a two step polish and wax with Clay Magic.

2. Wash. We recommend washing your car weekly or even twice per week if you travel often to ensure the acidic properties of bug splatter doesn’t have time to penetrate the clear coat of your car and ruin the paint. In some cases, it can take just two days for some bugs to penetrate your clear coat. Become an Unlimited Club Member and receive unlimited washes for a three, six, or twelve month time period.

3. Wipe. Carrying a clean microfiber towel and bottle of water can be a life saver for your paint. Quickly cleaning up bug splatters and bird droppings as they happen can prolong the shiny look and health of your paint until you can make it in for a thorough wash.

While taking these actions to protect your paint from bugs may seem excessive, remember that to fix your car’s clear coat or paint can easily top $1,000. It’s essential to be proactive against bugs this summer, schedule a service appointment today!

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