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Keep Your Car Cool All Summer Long

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Summer is so miserable when it's too hot and humid outside for us!! We have come up with a list for you to keep your car cool all summer long without the hassle of waiting for your air conditioning to get to the right temperature!

Keep reading to find out our favorite items to add to your summer shopping list!

Windshield Visor

One of the most common additions people make to their cars in order to keep the heat out is a windshield visor. Cars become warm in the summer because direct sunlight enters in through the windows. This is why we park in the shade whenever we can. Since the windshield is the largest window in the car, blocking the sun from coming in would make a huge difference.

This particular one, if you are a fan of Bob's Burgers as much as we are, can be purchased on Amazon!

Tinted Windows

To help customers block out even more of the sun, consider offering window-tinting services. Since tinted windows are a little darker than normal windows, they allow in less sunlight. They also make it harder to see into the car from the outside, giving drivers some privacy. Keep in mind that some areas have laws against how dark tinted windows can be, so you should check the laws in your area before you proceed.

A Solar-Powered Fan

A solar-powered fan might make a drive a little more comfortable. Since there is so much sun out during the summer, you might as well make use of it. With a solar powered fan, you get a nice breeze throughout the car at all times, even if the car isn’t running. This is great when you have to sit in your car for some reason, but you don’t want to waste gas by running the car and the AC the entire time. A solar-powered fan doesn’t use any energy from your car, and many models can clip right onto the window to give the driver or passenger a nice breeze.

Seat Covers

What often makes a car so unbearable to be inside during the summer is that everything is hot to the touch. This often includes the seats, making it hard to drive when you’re wearing shorts or a skirt. To solve this problem, you can sell and install some seat covers. For example, Neoprene seat covers help to deflect some of the heat from inside the car, so you have a more comfortable ride during the summer. Not only that, but since they are water resistant, you don’t have to worry about sweat stains or spilled drinks. Seat covers are a great way to not only give a customer a more comfortable ride year-round, but they also protect the underlying fabric to retain a car’s value.

Another way to keep your car looking "cool" all summer long is to add some gadgets to it! Here are some of the best gadgets to help keep your car clean and looking cool all summer long!

LED Interior Lights

More and more new vehicles are offering interior ambient lighting, and some even feature the option of choosing the lighting hues you'd prefer. These multicolor LED strips will provide the same result in any car with a 12-volt power outlet. You can cycle among eight colors using your voice or the included remote control, or you can have the lights automatically change color based on your music. Double-sided tape from 3M is included to secure the lights.

Portable Car Vacuum

Whether you have children or pets or you're just plain messy, an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner makes it easier to keep your car clean. This model from ThisWorx plugs into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet and has a 16-foot-long cable, making it useful for tidying a sports car or a minivan. It has multiple attachments, a spare filter, and a cleaning brush. Now get out there and vacuum up that mess!

Thanks for reading!!

Stay cool out there!

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