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Importance Of Detailing In The Winter

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Midwest winters cause so much harm to your vehicle's interior and exterior! Everyone knows that road salt is extremely bad for your vehicle's exterior! In this blog, we will give you some tips and facts of everything you should know about why it is important to detail your car even in the winter!

Protect your car against road salt with regular car washes. The salt keeps us safe while we're on the road. It slowly eats away at our cars when they're off the road. It can eat away at your pipes on your undercarriage. This creates rust literally in days of exposure.

It's important to detail your car often. Most people don't think about auto detailing this time of the year just because of wet roads and snow.  But in this case with the road salt, it could cause structural damage to the vehicle. It could cause paint damage and corrosion especially on the undercarriage. The way to avoid all of that damage to routinely detail your car frequently.

A thorough detail in winter is important for your car’s interior, too. Every time you get in your vehicle with wet, muddy or snowy shoes, your carpet takes a hit. It needs to be cleaned more often, not less, when winter rolls around. And your shoes likely aren’t the only part of you bringing grit and grime into your car. Cloth and leather interiors both need more frequent vacuuming during the winter months to prevent scratches, rips and tears.

It is important to keep your car waxed during the winter months. Professional wax jobs are a mainstay of any auto detailing career, and for good reason. Car wax is formulated to protect a vehicle’s finish from the damaging salt and road grime that mixes with snow and kicks up onto it every time the car starts rolling.

Auto detailing pros use spray waxes or sealants after they wash salt and snow off vehicles to help refortify the wax or sealant previously applied. This guards the surface of the vehicle against the corrosion and permanent damage that can be caused throughout the winter season.

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