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How to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh Without Air Fresheners

If air fresheners aren’t your style, you’ll be glad to know that there are several other easy ways to keep your car smelling good. Like most alternative ideas, these methods are DIY and can involve a little bit more work than just dangling a cardboard tree from your rearview mirror, but don’t worry—they’re worth it. Take a look at the below ideas and see which one suits you best.

· Essential oils: Whether it’s rose oil, tea tree oil, or lavender, essential oils pack a concentrated punch. Pick a favorite (or carefully blend two) and spread liberally over a strip of cloth. Tie the cloth to your rearview mirror, and boom: sweet-smelling air! Freshen up as needed, but don’t use the same cloth for different scents.

· Dryer sheets: Perhaps the easiest fix of all, dryer sheets can be stowed under passenger and driver seats to make for a good, clean smell. You can also rub down your upholstery and carpeting with them but be careful—they hold a lot of scent and can be overpowering. Take it slow and enjoy!

· Coffee beans: Leaving a little mesh bag of coffee beans in your car will help absorb unwanted odors. If you’re not a fan of having scented air all the time, this is a good option. It works for a smelly trunk, too, even if the smell’s been there a while. Change as needed.

· Pungent spices: Cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla bean—whatever it is, pungent spices can add a lovely smell to your car’s interior. Tie them in a little bundle or put them in a little bag and hang them from a mirror or tuck them away in pockets for a subtle scent.

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