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10 Items to Keep in Your Car at All Times

You know that feeling when you’re driving, you reach for something and realize it’s not in your car? Maybe it’s a pen, a tissue, water, hand sanitizer, a phone charger or even a Band Aid. According to NewsRoom, American drivers spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year. That’s over 290 hours! With so much of our lives being spent in our vehicles, it’s a good idea to pack them with things we might need. Here is a list of 10 items to keep in your car at all times.

First Aid Kit

Having a complete first aid kit is important for every driver. Pack together some bandages, gauze, rubbing alcohol, tweezers, scissors, thermometer and gloves for on-the-go care. Amazon sells some pre-assembled kits for under $25. Store this in your center console or trunk and you’ll be prepared for any accident.


Storing a gallon of drinkable water or a few unopened water bottles is vital in the event of a car breakdown. Whether your car runs out of gas, overheats or breaks down, having water will keep you and your passengers hydrated. This is especially important during hot summer days and on road trips.

Hand Sanitizer

Because our cars don’t come with hand soap and running water, having hand sanitizer is great for on-the-go hand cleaning. This is especially effective for little ones after school or day care and before snack time.

Tissues/Paper Towels

A cold or seasonal allergies can strike suddenly, so having a box of tissues handy will make tending to a stuffy nose easier. If you have little ones, tissues can be useful for a quick clean up. A roll of paper towels can also be helpful for spills and sticky hands.

Trash Bag

Kiddos accumulate a lot of trash, so having a trash receptacle will help keep your car tidy. If you’re riding solo, a small trash bag can also be useful for apple cores, coffee cup and those tissues mentioned above.

Pen & Paper

Why would we need pen and paper if we have our smartphones? When you receive a phone call and need to take down some important information, having a pen and paper can help — once you pull over, of course. Or, if you accidentally tap someone’s car in a parking lot and they are nowhere to be found, you can leave a note with your insurance information.

Phone Charger

Our phones play a major role in our car life as our navigation guide, our music player, or our connection to emergency contacts if we run into trouble. Having a phone charger in your car guarantees a working phone, even after a long day.


A blanket or towel can provide a multitude of uses on the road. As a seat barrier, a blanket can keep your skin off the hot leather seats. In the event of heavy rain or snow, a blanket can keep your seats safe from wet clothes. If you have muddy feet or a dirty pup, a blanket or towel can be useful for protecting your car’s interior.

Jumper Cables

Having a set of jumper cables in your trunk is important for every driver. When our cars die, the first step is finding someone to help you jump it. But if you don't have cables, you have to find someone who does. Equipping your own car with jumper cables will expedite the process and give you a sense of ease in the case of a dead battery. Or for a tiny bit more, you can buy a jump starter - keep it charged and you can self-jump in an emergency!

Change of Clothes

If you are transporting children, you probably know the value of having a back-up outfit or two. But, this tip can also be useful for drivers. We’ve all spilled that morning cup of coffee and having an extra shirt could help you feel more confident for the day ahead.

This weekend, spend some time gathering the above items and any others that will prepare your car for future travels. Before stocking your car with necessities, stop by the Car Wash King for a thorough interior detail. Happy commuting!

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